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Holiday Markets 2022

It's Holiday Market season and our team is hitting the road!

Here's our schedule for sure to say Hi 👋 and try a sample or two.

Here's our schedule for DECEMBER:


A sneak peek into what will be available at the Markets...

Ginger Matcha
Gently spicy, refreshing, and ready to pour! This cocktail was developed in partnership with The Naked Leaf. Ginger Matcha is infused into our award winning vodka to create a premium cocktail. This cocktails is 14% alcohol and can be enjoyed poured over ice or topped off with ginger ale.

Ruby Red
Introducing Ruby Red, a ready-to-pour cocktail made with our award-winning vodka and infused with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, hibiscus bitters, and grapefruit tea. Grapefruit 14% tea infused Vodka.

Blueberry Rooibos
We have done it again! Our Blueberry Rooibos tea is like nothing you can find in a can. Infused with loose leaf Rooibos tea and sweetened with honey, it is the perfect summer drink. 14% Loose Leaf Tea infused Vodka

Blood Orange Turmeric
The only and the best ready to drink turmeric cocktail on the market. We infuse turmeric loose leaf tea into our award winning vodka, add fresh squeezed orange juice and sweeten with a bit of honey. If you are looking for an earthy, not too sweet cocktail this is it. 14% Loose Leaf Tea infused Vodka

Raspberry Vodka
Infused not flavoured. Our Raspberry Vodka is made with only our award winning craft vodka and real raspberries. Not added sweeteners, flavours, or dyes. 40% 100% real Raspberry Infusion

Pickle Vodka
Perfect for Caesars! This tangy and lively spirit was born through a partnership with Sophie's Original Choice Pickled Products. Trust us, it's amazing! Your Caesars have never been better with this Pickled Vodka. 40% Pickle infusion designed for Caesars

Vodka. Pure and Simple. Clean, neutral flavour perfect for soda and every cocktail. Made grain to bottle in Invermere BC. Triple distilled. 40% Grain based Vodka

Bright and lively, refreshing Juniper highlights backed my touches of citrus and floral elements. Everything you’d expect from a classic gin and more. The perfect base for your G & T or Martini…shaken or stirred! 42% traditionally infused Gin

Wickedley Good. Our popular 45% Cinnamon Honey infusion, now in a plastic 375ml bottle. 40% Cinnamon / Honey Infusion.



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