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Join Our Squad

Join Our Squad

Leading the way in alcoholic social marketing

Join Canada's first and only alcoholic social marketing company (definitely not MLM).  

You already enjoy drinking Taynton Bay Spirits, why not share your passion with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbours and earn commission while doing it?

When you become part of our Squad, you are joining entrepreneurs across Canada who have decided to turn their passion into a money making opportunity. Not only that, they are helping others join the Squad and build Taynton Bay Spirits into the #1 alcoholic social marketing company in Canada!

Be Your Own #BossBabe

Starting your own business has never been easier! Do you create the products? No. Do you control the pricing? No. Do you have a say in marketing? Also, no. But you will control your destiny and have the opportunity to work from home when you are finished working at work.

With Taynton Bay Spirits, you won't know if your working or having a fun night out with your girlfriends!

Build Your Squad!

Since I started by own business working for Taynton Bay Spirits I have never had so much freedom! I am inspired daily by my Squad and their hustle. I can't wait to get home from work so I can work.

-Sally, Squad Captain

Reap The Benefits

On top of your amazing commission of up to* 25%, our top sellers are rewarded with amazing incentives and bonus rewards**

*25% commission on 50% of personal sales and 5% of Squad sales

**bonus rewards and incentoves, subject to Provincial taxes

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