Taynton Bay Spirits

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Taynton Bay Bottles

What we produce is exceptionally smooth without any pretension because we subscribe to the “keep it simple” philosophy. Life is complicated enough, so we call a spade a spade, a gin a gin, and a vodka a vodka, bringing the distillery experience right back to the basics of a clean classic taste.

Expecting to read a lengthy description about our proprietary process like you’ve seen on every other craft distillery site? What if we told you the idea to create Taynton Bay Spirits came from attempts to make homemade Baileys, and an accordion player serenades batches while they ferment and our Master Distiller is a retired secret agent. Or that we secretly age our spirits through the Tim Horton’s drive-through and flash-chill each bottle in its own mini toque. We are striving for the ultimate Canadian drink, after all.

These are secrets we simply can’t disclose, but leave it up to us to do what it takes to achieve perfection for your discerning palate. We actually know what we’re doing.

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