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Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Cocktail

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Ginger Matcha Tea Infused Cocktail

Gently spicy, refreshing, and ready to pour! This cocktail was developed in partnership with The Naked Leaf. Ginger Matcha is infused into our award winning vodka to create a premium cocktail.  This cocktails is 14% alcohol and canbe enjoyed poured over ice or topped off with ginger ale.

Customer Reviews

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Ordered 6 bottles of the amazing Ginger Matcha - they arrived in just over a week intact!! Love love love this drink - will need to try making Moscow mules with this!!


Ordered 6 bottles...arrived all in one piece!

GREAT product!!

Poor delivery by Canada Post

My parcel arrived 8 days after I put in the order online.
The parcel was wet, visibly damaged, enclosed in a Canada Post clear plastic bag, with the word fragile on it.
There Wes pre-printed information on the bag offering an apology and a suggestion to contact Canada Post for the damage.
Once open, the cardboard box inside the plastic bag was partly soaked with sticky fluid. There were 4 bottle of Ginger Matcha intact, each was wrapped in Canada Post plastic bag. One bottle was broken in pieces with liquid spilling out onto the extra plastic bag by Canada Post. The sixth bottle was completely missing.
I contacted Canada Post right away.
After taking all required information regarding my order, the condition of the package, etc., the agent told me to contact “the sender” without any resolution to the obvious damage caused by Canada Post.
I have ordered wine from out of town before with no problems at all. Those orders were delivered by Fed Ex.
Unless I would be reasonably reimbursed by Canada, beside the extra work I needed to do, I don’t think your company’s business would grow as it could have if you continue with delivery services from Canada Post.
I’m too upset now to have a drink of my Ginger Macha. I do hope it’s as good as the taste I remember from the bottle I bought in person, from Vancouver City.

A refreshing summertime drink

Great flavour and blends nicely with ginger beer. Well worth ordering!

Soooo Good

Matcha Ginger the very best . I make Moscow Mules. Very refreshing. ❤️❤️❤️

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