Taynton Bay Spirits

Lift Your Spirits

Clean, Classic, Canadian

Ginger Matcha

The only hard iced tea made with real ingredients including Ginger Matcha Tea.

Made for Drinkers, by Drinkers

Rocky Mountain inspired

Distilled Perfection

Authentically small batch, extraordinarily smooth

Taynton Bay Spirits

Invermere, BC

Drinking means something different to everybody.  We’re not here to tell you why you should be drinking Taynton Bay Spirits, or when, or even how — but we will tell you what you’ll be drinking: the smoothest spirits crafted lakeside in full view of the Rocky Mountains. It doesn’t get much more Canadian than this.

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Rocky Mountain Spirit

Taynton Bay – it’s the location of our distillery. Life doesn’t get any better than right here, and our spirits are the proof. Hit the beach in the summer, or get out on the ice in winter: our lakeside locale is where people come to escape and relax in true Canadiana fashion. So of course this Canadian spirit is infused into all our products — it’s what inspires them.

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