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We scoured recipes from the 1800s and stayed with the long tradition of a full-copper still inside and out to produce the best, most authentic flavour possible. Even the entrance to our Tasting Room harkens back to the Old England when all distilleries had a large wooden front door. And we’re bringing bitters back. Think the iconic Manhattan cocktail with a splash of bitters.

But we know you’re the expert. We know you know how you like your drink to taste. Which is why we taste-test our spirits in real-time in The Station Neighbourhood Pub upstairs where experienced bartenders tell us exactly what works and what doesn’t. They send us back to the drawing table until we get it right. And when it’s right, we bottle it up and make samples available in our Tasting Room.

In our Tasting Room, you can sample our original cocktails made with our bitters then buy the bottles and bring the party home.

Taynton Bay Spirits

Address: 1701 B 6th Avenue, Invermere, BC
Phone: 250-342-5271

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